We are called to walk humbly with God in our lives (Micah 6:8). As we learn truths about God from His Word, we can grow in wisdom and become spiritually mature. Here you will find helpful articles, videos and resources about who God is, His works, and the importance of having a relationship with God through prayer and living in His will.


Workshops + Speaking

Our workshops and webinars are geared towards equipping church members and individuals with practical skills to integrate Christian values into their everyday lives. Most workshops and webinars can be conducted in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.


Without the acknowledgement of sin there can be no true repentance or forgiveness; grace and mercy are not needed.

How many times do we as believers sense God’s leading and pray, but then become discouraged when we don’t see immediate results?

Our heart attitude–whether we are students or employees, volunteers or leaders–is most reflected through the way we conduct ourselves through our speech and actions.

God’s power and wonderful results in my life is available to me—through earnest prayer.


"I think [sharing] their experiences would help, like the experiences of the parents will help their children a lot to sit down together…just to talk about it and show the children what God's Holy Word says."

"What I do often is pray to get in contact with God and because what I realized is earthly things...is not the most important thing."