Hey there!  

RE:NEW, a youth movement of Presence, aims to help bridge the gap between youth and Jesus, between youth and parents, and facilitate deeper understanding.

We created customized surveys to collect data about our youth generation and culture. These surveys are intended to help youth leaders and youth workers strengthen their youth ministries through a deepened understanding of their relationships with youth and their parents. We hope parents and youth will also benefit from this research by better understanding their roles and relationships within the church community. 

Surveys closed on August 31, 2019

Our gathered results and statistics will be shared at the end October 2019. Stay tuned!

These surveys are for research and development purposes only. As a result, all responses received will remain anonymous. Our goal is to further understand youth culture and youth ministry in order to develop programs tailored to serving this generation. The specific results from this survey are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of Presence. Presence may however release general findings for educational purposes.