Richard Chung

Richard Chung

Rev. Dr. Richard Chung has been a pastor since 1993, both in Los Angeles and in the San Francisco Bay Area. He believes in the importance of teaching God”s Word accurately so that people can understand and apply the Bible to their lives. Richard is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in economics/business. He received his doctor of ministry at Talbot School of Theology on the topic of helping people to resist sexual temptations and pornography. Richard has also taught seminary classes on the topic of family (marriage, parenting, and children) and youth ministries. Richard and his wife Connie have a strong love for Jesus and enjoy sharing God”s love to people. They have two young sons. For recreation, the family enjoys sports, travel, and meeting up with friends and family for tasty meals.

City and state of residence: San Gabriel Valley, CA

Speaking Topics:

  • How to Resist Sexual Temptation and Pornography
    Christians are faced with the challenge of resisting an increasing amount of pornography and sexual temptation. How do you fight these temptations? Is it enough just to “read the Bible and pray”? Our churches have not been effective in helping Christians reduce their desire to view pornography. This seminar will examine practical ways for students to deal with this growing problem.
  • Spiritual Mentoring of Teenagers
    This practical workshop is designed to help youth understand the importance of having a spiritual mentor in the local church. We will discuss the role of the mentoree in building a healthy relationship with their mentor and the importance of discipleship and devotions.
  • How to Handle Personal Conflicts
    This is a practical workshop designed to help youth handle personal conflicts. We will examine common problems that lead to conflicts at church and home. “How to have a clean fight” and steps to resolve personal conflict will be covered.
  • How to Develop and Train Student Leaders
    This is a practical workshop on how grow and develop into a student leader in your own church. We will look at critical components such as discipline, humility, obedience, and courage.
  • How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Foundation
    Learn the methods to instill a solid biblical base that will lower your chance of drifting away from the church as you grow older.

Richard is also a speaker for Presence Quotient. To view a complete list of his speaking topics (including those more suitable for parents and adults) please contact