Presence youth related ministry products




  1. Pray for Youth ministry (Nov 2, 2019)

  2. Annual Faith Seminar (Feb 28, 2020)

  3. Interviews on Faith Issues (Film) 

  4. Pray Blog Series – Intergenerational Relations

  5. Intergenerational Mentorship Conferences (DVD)

  6. RE:NEW Mentorship Curriculum (e-Book coming in 2020)

  7. 40 days challenges – Fasting & Devotional (online)

  8. RE:NEW Magazine – 6 issues



Daily life:


  1. Presence Possibilities – Professional Assessments: College Major & Career Path Exploration, Learning Style and Multiple Intelligences

  1. Soft Skills Training: Managing Time, Stress, Emotions & Money (Audio); CV writing and Interview Skills

  2. Game Addiction (CD) & Theology of Work (DVD)

  3. Depression for Youth (Pamphlet) 

  4. Presence Magazine:  # 5 Asian American Career Choices & The New Generation 





  1. 2019 Prayer Blog: Youth praying for their parents

  2. Healthy Dialogue – among Youth, Youth Workers & Parents (Online Courses) 

  3. Parent-child Relationship Interviews (Video)

  4. Workshops: Dating Seminar, Managing relations, etc. 

  5. Magazine/Publication: Intimacy and parent-child relationships

  6. Other resources: Audio, DVD,etc.


Presence Life Planning Curriculum 

Presence Life Planning Curriculum aims to respond to multicultural and social challenges, provide multi-generational learning for different age groups to equip them with wisdom through biblical guidance for personal and social life.


Presence has a variety of ministries and products related to parent-child, intergenerational and mental health aspects. For details, please check:


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