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Computer games are a favorite pastime for many and is a rapidly growing industry. Children and even adults enjoy playing and can invest a lot of time into these games. While playing in itself is not wrong, it can quickly become a dangerous obsession if not well managed. Daniel Sutoyo shares his perspective on game addiction from his experience as a gamer who spent more than 10 hours a day on computer games.

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Phoebe Ng

Phoebe Ng graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and is passionate about impacting the lives of students. She has been serving in various ministry settings since 2006, including campus ministry, Christian gaming, church administration, and writing a Christian novel. She is excited to begin her studies at Talbot pursuing a M.A. in Spiritual Formation and hopes that one day she can live in a lego mansion with an endless supply of gummi bears.

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