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Dr. Agnes Ip

Sample speaking topics:

  • Skills for Comforting People: Understanding Emotions and Effective Listening Skills
  • Practical Advice for Christian Dating
  • Conflict Resolution
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Gil Tam

Sample Speaking topics:

  • Career Management
  • Asian American Leadership
  • See more…

Richard Chung

Sample speaking topics:

  • How to Resist Sexual Temptation and Pornography
  • How to Handle Personal Conflicts
  • How to Strengthen Your Spiritual Foundation
  • See more…

Phillip Lowe

Sample speaking topics:

  • 21st Century Manhood
  • Crisis Counseling in the Church
  • Silence and Solitude Retreat
  • See more…

Lee Nguyen

Sample speaking topics:

  • Identity Crisis
  • Evangelism and Follow Up
  • Kingdom Family
  • See more…


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