Team FTW!

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Team FTW!

03, January, 2012Posted by :Annie Wong

By Annie Wong     Annie here. I’ll be doing the 13.1 Marathon Los Angeles benefitting Team World Vision at Venice Beach.   For those who don’t know, I&#8 [...]

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CMC Reflection Day 4 and Onward

03, January, 2012Posted by :Phoebe Ng

By Phoebe Ng     Hey guys, We are glad to report that our entire team had a safe trip home from San Diego—just in time to spend the New Year’s holiday with o [...]

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CMC Reflection Day 3

30, December, 2011Posted by :Matthew Lum

By Matthew Lum   Hey guys! neo here. I am one of the webmasters at RE:NEW. I also tagged along with Phoebe and Leslie for CMC West Coast.   Day 3 was pretty exciting. Our [...]

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CMC Reflection Day 2

29, December, 2011Posted by :Phoebe Ng

By Leslie Tam     Today was the second day of CMC at San Diego. The day did not start off so well as I was having chest pains due to the lack of rest in the past few days [...]

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CMC West Coast Reflection Day 1

28, December, 2011Posted by :Phoebe Ng

By RE:NEW Running off of a combined total of 9 hours of sleep from the night before, Matt, Leslie, and Phoebe had quite an eventful day. A brief rundown would look something like t [...]

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Developer’s Blog Introduction

03, December, 2011Posted by :Phoebe Ng

By Phoebe Ng

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Nothing To Lose

23, November, 2011Posted by :Phoebe Shen

By Phoebe Shen   I was born into the church, so I have known who God and Jesus were for my whole life. However, until recently, that knowledge was just head knowledge. As a chur [...]

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