God’s Ways Are Higher Than My Ways


30, May, 2018Posted by :RE:NEW

God’s Ways Are Higher Than My Ways

Written by: Felicia Fan

Spring is a sign of new beginnings — of renewed life emerging from the cold winter. For high school seniors, spring is also a busy time as they anxiously await to hear back from colleges and frantically fulfill their graduation requirements. They are eager to see what their next life stage will bring.

I remember, during my senior year of high school, I was so prideful. I thought I knew everything. Like all teenagers, I thought my parents were burdensome and nagging. So, in addition to applying to California schools, I also applied to some on East Coast, thinking I would get as far away as possible from my parents. I was not a believer then.

As it turned out, none of the East Coast schools accepted me, so I ended up going to a college rather close to home. I was disappointed. To my further dismay, my first-year roommate was horrible. I was so miserable that I wanted to go back home every weekend to get away from my roommate. My mom’s home-cooked meals never tasted so good. And doing laundry at home was certainly a convenience. Slowly but surely, my appreciation for my parents grew during that year as I grew to see home as my weekly refuge. By the end of my freshman year, my heart softened, and I was thankful to be close to home.

The following year, I bumped into an old friend one day after I lost my wallet at a school café. For some reason, I agreed to attend a local bible study fellowship with her that evening. The moment I stepped into that room and heard their worship songs, tears ran down my cheeks as I pondered the greatness of God’s love for me, especially as I had experienced it through my parents. I liked the folks at the fellowship so much that I decided to join. Within several months, I accepted Christ and was baptized.

Junior year came, and my fellowship adviser encouraged me to attend a local Christian conference. There I met more Christians who were serious in their walk with God. It was truly an eye-opening experience for me, and as they discipled me throughout the next 10 years, that laid a firm foundation for my spiritual journey.

Looking back, if I had attended an East Coast school, I’m not sure if my relationship with my parents would have been restored. I don’t know if I would have come across a campus fellowship. And there is a slim chance that I would be mentored by such wonderful siblings in Christ throughout my young adult life.  One thing I have learned from these experiences is that I can move forward and deal with life’s disappointments and trust that a wise and loving Father God has the best plans for me.

How awesome is our God Almighty, El Shaddai!