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23, July, 2012Posted by :Claire Hellar

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stories-28If you don’t already have a Tumblr blog, then people, don’t get one. Tumblr is an even bigger time-waster than Facebook: full of shiny, sparkly, useless things that will add nothing to your life and just waste your time.


Having said that, if you already have one (*raises hand*), then you can redeem it by following some of the amazing Christian bloggers on there. Most of them are just your age, and they’ve turned their talents into praising God. Tumblr is very photo-driven, which means that these girls have taken Bible verses and song lyrics and paired them with pretty photographs to create beautiful, visual bits of encouragement. Other bloggers give advice about Christian living, or write encouragements and thoughts.


Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make a difference: definitely for me, as I’m aimlessly scrolling through Tumblr on my downtime or as a break from something, seeing a beautiful photograph with a Bible verse pop out at me not only gives me a little bit of magic in my day, but also makes me remember God in that moment. And often, when I’m having a bad day or struggling with something, one of these Bible verses will speak to me.


10 Tumblr Blogs You Should Be Reading:


1. Akoposikathleen – she takes Bible verses and makes amazing, amazing graphics out of them


2. I love my Bible – she takes Bible verses and plays with the color, font, and arrangement to create quirky little memorable graphics


3. If God had a Tumblr – a verse a day. As simple as that


4. Forever Lost in Your Love – one of my favorites, she posts great quotes, encouragements, and Bible verses


5. FluteforChrist – she reblogs good things from a bunch of other Christian blogs


6. Love Like Jesus – she posts a lot -multiple times a day – but great encouraging/inspirational quotes and photos


7. Unka Glen – affectionately known as one of Tumblr’s Christian “gurus”, this pastor posts hilarious, straightforward life advice and answers any questions you have


8. My God’s Not Dead He’s Surely Alive – Tumblr tells me that I reblog this girl more than anyone else, and it’s not hard to see why – she posts and reblogs such beautiful photos paired with Bible verses and encouraging quotes


9. A Light for Revelation – if your taste is less for pretty pictures and more for deeper things, read this one – 19-year-old Ben loves theology and posts great quotations from things he’s reading as well as thoughts and reflections


10. Good Women Project – The website Good Women Project is one of my very favorite Christian websites (and getting super popular these days). They post their articles to Tumblr so it’s an easy way to read and follow them



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