Living with Purpose! (Part 3)

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With my graduation from UCLA fast approaching, I began to worry about how to make money and survive in this terrible job economy (neither of my positions were paid), and I decided to further my chances of securing a job after graduation by applying to internship programs at well-known multimillion-dollar gaming companies. Once again, God helped me through the application and interview process and I was accepted as an Editorial Intern at Nexon America, where I worked diligently to learn the tools of the trade for three months. It was hard work! Adjusting to the corporate business world was tough and learning how to interact with my coworkers was a bit of a challenge in the beginning, but I came to really love the team of people that I met there, and I sincerely regret not having had more time to get to know them better.


Looking back on all these experiences now, I am surprised to see how much God used them to shape the person I am today. I can see how in each setting I was molded not just on an emotional and spiritual level, but even on a technical level. Each of those job experiences played a vital role in developing the skills that I now use on a daily basis. In fact, you could even say that each of those experiences really helped to me to level up and improve my game. ;P


In the end, after working as a Lead Quest Writer for 15 months, I felt God calling me to focus my energies on RE:NEW. At first, I was exasperated and confused. I couldn’t understand why God would want me to let go of my direct involvement in the development of a Christian video game after He lined up so many opportunities before I could finally be in a position to achieve my dreams. I just couldn’t understand His logic, and I felt extremely torn about what He was telling me to do; but as I continued to pray and ask for His confirmation, a new dream began to take birth in my heart and suddenly, I understood.


God had used those experiences to build my skillset so that I would be equipped for the work that He has called me to, and He allowed me to chase my childhood dreams so that I would know that with Him all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).


Today, my dream is to help teenagers everywhere to discover how wonderfully unique they are and how great and amazing are the plans that God has for their lives, and it is my hope that the RE:NEW Movement will become a vehicle that spurs on that discovery.


Join the movement. Live with purpose.


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