Redeeming Ordinary Things: Mirrors into Bibles

06, February, 2012Posted by :Claire Hellar

Written by Claire Hellar, Photo by Camille Fairbanks


stories-19Life is made up of little things. Like that half an hour before school when you drag yourself out of bed and stumble into the bathroom to comb your hair and brush your teeth. Or the half an hour shower you take when you get back. We spend a lot more time than we realize in the bathroom, and usually go into it multiple times a day. We also have minds that soak in ideas like a sponge if we hear them enough times (How else do any of us graduate high school? By hearing the same thing over and over from our teachers until finally we get it enough to do well on tests).


All of which is to say, there’s one thing you can do that is a small thing, but which can radically bring God into your life. And that is to start using your bathroom mirror for more than just hair-brushing or makeup-applying. Write Bible verses or your favorite encouraging quotes from people on it, so that you see those every single day.


I would never have thought of doing this until the day I saw one of my college roommates do it, and my mind was a little blown (mostly just that she would dare to draw with a marker on that shining, clear surface – wouldn’t it ruin the mirror?). As it turns out, any ordinary whiteboard marker works on a mirror. To take it off, just use a paper towel and some glass cleaner (or just a paper towel works too).


I can’t even describe how much of a difference just having that small little quotation or Bible verse on my mirror has made in my days. Right now on my mirror, I have Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” I wrote a quote from a favorite sermon on the small side mirror to the right – “Here’s what is – God who calls you is faithful” (from “Why Such Grace” by Jennifer Rothschild). Every day, my eyes fall on those words, and I’m reminded (whether I want to be or not:) that God is faithful.


The hope is that you get up every day and spend time with God at some point. But the truth is there will be days that you don’t. Days you stumble out of bed barely on time and stumble back into bed at the end of a long day in which you didn’t talk to God or read the Bible. Those days happen to all of us. So at least, for those days, even if you haven’t read the Bible, even if you didn’t feel like it that day – you still read one verse. You were still told (by your mirror, the fount of all wisdom 🙂 that God is faithful. Most mornings, and a lot of nights, I have just a little more peace because of that reminder.


It’s an easy way to make God present in your life. And it’s fun. Use any color markers, use your best cursive, draw designs and make it really fancy – or just keep it simple, whatever you want. Turn your mirror into a space for Jesus.


Like Claire’s idea? Got a better one? Why not comment and share your own ideas below? =D

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