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21, January, 2012Posted by :Claire Hellar

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I’ve always had big plans for the future. Growing up, I’d always be looking impatiently ahead for the better time that I was sure was coming, the time in a year or so when I’d get a different (better) friend group or get a driver’s license or graduate high school or start college. When all of those things happened, though (plus a lot more), and I got older, I started to realize that life isn’t so much about the future, or about big chunks of time. Life is made up of now, of days. In all the time I spent looking ahead or making big plans for how amazing the upcoming year was going to be, I would always forget to cherish and focus on the moment. So now, I try to live a little bit more in the present – to focus on the moment, and the day, that I’m living in, and see how I can make that day amazing or productive or glorifying to God.


That’s what this blog is about – redeeming the days. Finding joy in small things, and finding God in everything. That “everything”, for the record, will include – but not be limited to – music, books, Tumblr, Facebook, dating, devotions and worship. So please – join me, and come along for the ride as I walk through the days exploring how to look toward Jesus. I’m going to keep this first post short, but I will leave you with two little bits of magic. One is for today. And the other I hope could bless you for many days in the future.


1)”You Make Everything Beautiful,” Rebecca St. James. This is one of my favorite Christian songs; it’s so joyful and so completely trusting of God’s goodness. She doesn’t say that everything in life will be fine, but she does trust that God in the end will make “everything, everything beautiful.”


2)It’s hard to get up in the morning. It’s even harder to start the day right. But one of the best things to do is, not to just roll out of bed five minutes before you have to walk out the door, but to wake up a little earlier and have some time in the morning completely for you – and for God. That can become one of the best times of the day if you make it so. One of my favorite things to do in that time is to read a devotional – and one of my favorite online ones is The Upper Room. It’s short and practical and has a different topic and prayer focus every day (the writers are everyone from young adults to 90-year-old women). It talks about everything from dressing for church to trusting God in suffering. It’s really a great one and I definitely recommend it for that little quiet time you have in the morning before the craziness starts.


May these two small things bless you today. More random writings to follow! 🙂


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