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18, January, 2012Posted by :Phoebe Ng

By SF Team 2012


storiesAfter receiving God’s calling and after months of planning, a team of four girls (Adrienne Nunley, Addie Stephens, Nikki Bernabe, and Natalie Yu) traveled to San Francisco, California, and ministered to the city from January 8th to the 14th. Equipped with the power of prayer and a few dance moves, these brave girls were able to reach out to the homeless community and to human trafficking victims. Below is an excerpt from one of their daily reflections during their time in SF…


“Today we had a lunch date 🙂 with papa smurf and bona! We had agreed to meet up our wonderful new friends yesterday for a date. So we brought thirteen sandwiches a whole box of chips from Costco and three bags of celery….everything was eaten. We arrived at twelve thirty sharp and began to fellowship with our friends. On top of Papa smurf and Bona we met Ray, DeBorah, Zach, Wayne, Timmy, Donna, Joyce, Deborah, and Chris. Every single one of them was absolutely incredible and made our day. The highlight of our day was definitely the dance party that we had in the streets which you will see in our video which we will upload soon! Their joy, excitement and zest for life was inspiring.


I learned many amazing things today. These people are beautiful and as I said above completely and utterly joyful even in the midst of so much hardship. When I was talking to Chris, a Puerto Rican from The Bronx, something he said really impacted me. We were talking about occupy SF and he mentioned that the rich people in the area would look down on them from their skyscrapers and call the police to make the homeless leave so they would have an unobstructed view of their plaza. He then told a story that hit the very core of my being. Chris said that he was standing in a 7-eleven parking lot and he saw a man drive up in a masserati. There was a homeless woman who had no legs and was sitting in a wheelchair on the corner of the store, she was at least eighty five years old. She looked up at the rich man as he walked by and simply asked if he had a couple of bucks to spare. He looked at her as if she were dirt and walked by. Any man who can turn down a legless, homeless, eighty five year old woman is a man who needs to reevaluate his life. I listened to Chris’ story and my heart broke little by little. As he finished I couldn’t help but realize I needed to reevaluate my life as well. How many times have I walked past a homeless person and turned my head away so I wouldn’t have to deal with the guilt? How many times have I pretended that they were just asking for money to get drugs instead of sitting down and asking them about their lives? My challenge to you guys today, and to myself, is to care. Sit down with these incredible people in our backyards and Listen. Listen to their hardships their passions their love and their hate. Be their friend and be Christ to them. Don’t be those rich people up in the skyscrapers who look down on them and pretend they don’t exist. Be different. But most importantly be Jesus. God bless you guys thank you so much for your support.”


To read more of the team’s adventures and to see their dance video head over to their blog: San Francisco Team 2012 and show your support by leaving them a comment below! =D


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