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03, January, 2012Posted by :Annie Wong

By Annie Wong




Annie here. I’ll be doing the 13.1 Marathon Los Angeles benefitting Team World Vision at Venice Beach.


For those who don’t know, I’ve been working at World Vision International (WVI) since my graduation at UCLA this past spring. We have a large group Chapel once a week at work, and during one of those weeks a speaker named John Huddle shared his testimony of how God healed his knee (even though he was told it needed surgery) and he ran a 13.1 marathon with Team World Vision (TWV).


Amazing! Our God is amazing and we have been restored for the better through Christ. There is currently a devastating drought in the Horn of Africa. We know there is pain and injustice in the world, and I believe that followers of Jesus we are agents of healing and reconciliation.


My goal is to raise $1,310.77 that will go towards funding water and sanitation projects in the East Africa. Every $50 provides clean water for 1 person for life. I take for granted the basic necessities of water– and I didn’t even consider the fact that it’s *clean* water. People in the Horn are suffering from this severe drought. Any amount makes a difference!


Race day is Sunday, January 15! Team World Vision still needs partners who will run with them, pray for them, and sponsor each mile that is run in support of water projects in East Africa. I still need to raise some funds.


Here’s my personal page for Team for the win for the water (FTW):


Thank you, Beloved! 🙂

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