CMC West Coast Reflection Day 1

28, December, 2011Posted by :Phoebe Ng



Running off of a combined total of 9 hours of sleep from the night before, Matt, Leslie, and Phoebe had quite an eventful day. A brief rundown would look something like this:




  • Wake up early and leave the house
  • Meet at the office
  • Load the cars with promotional materials
  • The long trek to San Diego!
  • Arrive at Town and Country Resort and register
  • Run around looking for parking T.T
  • Set up the RE:NEW booth!
  • Attend the pre-convention event with Francis Chan
  • DINNER! (Our first meal of the day!)
  • Joint Opening Ceremony with Francis Chan
  • Waiting for people to say Hi to us at the booth =]
  • Reflect on the day with a Dev blog post 


Continue reading and see what happened on Day 2!

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